20 Pcs Macaron Hair Clips for Women-Acrylic Pearl

Deal Score-1
Deal Score-1

This 20 pack of hair clips and pins includes 8 macaron hair clips, 4 pearl hairpins, 3 acrylic hairclips and 5 simple metal hair barrettes.

These items come in a range of sizes to suit different styles. Simple design minimizes damage to scalp tissue for an all-around safe use. You can wear these on most any occasion – perfect for stylizing your everyday look or dressier occasions like weddings and graduations. Comes with a variety of colors!

The shape of the clips are unique to the point where they are fashionable yet functional when it comes to overall protection for your scalp. It can be used in small tufts or ponytail holders, subtly wear on the side of you head behind an ear or down at your nape much like dangling earrings look pretty in portraits. Perfect birthday gift, holiday present idea fit for any occasion!

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